Happy half birthday, Levi! It’s been such a fun six months 🙂 (His 6-month well check was today and he was officially 27” and 16lb 3.5oz - pretty close to the home measurements I took on his actual half birthday!) Weight: 16lb 6.4oz, 26th percentile (Birth: 9lb 2oz, 94th percentile) Height: 27.0”, 65th percentile (Birth: 21 1/2″, >99th percentile) … Continue reading Levi | SIX MONTHS!

Levi | 5 months

I never got around to typing up the four month update, but here’s a super quick update: Weight: 14lb 4.5oz, 23rd percentile Height: 25 1/2”, 64th percentile The pediatrician isn’t concerned about his weight percentile dropping because we actually expected this (both Kate and Logan have pretty much always been between the 25th and 50th … Continue reading Levi | 5 months

Levi | 3 months

Check out our 3-minute October family video here! Weight: 14lb 3oz, 52nd percentile (Birth: 9lb 2oz, 94th percentile) Height: 25”, 84th percentile (Birth: 21 1/2″, >99th percentile) Clothes/diapers:  He’s still in Target brand size 2 diapers. He’s wearing 3-6M and 6M onesies and pajamas (though he usually just sleeps in a onesie - brother runs hot and a onesie plus a … Continue reading Levi | 3 months